Other Jurisdictions & Related Material

Massachusetts Law About Zoning, Massachusetts Trial Court Libraries (Mass. Zoning Act, M.G.L. ch. 40A and web resources)

Preservation Through By-Laws and Ordinances, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (2003) (page also has links to other EEA ‘Smart Growth’ publications)

Notes on Site Plan Review in Massachusetts, Michael S. Giaimo, Robinson & Cole LLP (Massachusetts land use and development attorney’s memorandum on legal issues of SPR authority, procedure, appeals, practical problems)

Shoreline Management Rules, Department of Natural Resources, State of Minnesota (Ch. 6120.250-6120.3900)

California Coastal Act & California Coastal Commission

Critical Dune Area Protection Program, Department of Environmental Quality, State of Michigan

Regulating Scenic Views, Office of Legislative Research, State of Connecticut (2002)