Environmental Resources & Maps


Map of Cape Cod National Seashore

Wellfleet Assessors’ Atlas FY2010 (large-scale maps of land parcels)

U.S.G.S. Maps of Wellfleet ( 1893, 1944)

Wellfleet Village and Town (Walker’s Barnstable County Atlas, 1880)

Map of Wellfleet’s 1951 to 1999 Land Cover Change, Woods Hole Research Center

Map of Wellfleet Floodplains and Critical Infrastructure (Cape Cod Commission, 2003)

Map of Wellfleet Harbor Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) (Index) (1989).  Also:  Wellfleet Harbor ACEC Map Tiles, Overview, & Designation

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Wellfleet (Index and 7 maps) (U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, various dates)

Map of Herring River Restoration & Potential Floodplain (CCNS, n.d.)

Map of Wellfleet Groundwater Level

Map of Wellfleet Well-Head Protection Districts

Map of Town of Wellfleet Public Access Points to the Water (Horsley Witten Group, 2005)

Map of Hunting Areas and Private Properties in Wellfleet in CCNS (CCNS, 2008)

Map of Wellfleet Residential Properties - Building Square Footage (Cape Cod Commission, June 2008)

Map of Wellfleet Residential Properties - Site Coverage and Development Potential (Cape Cod Commission, June 2008)

Map of Wellfleet Harbor (NOAA Office of Coast Survey, 2001)

Map of Wellfleet Harbor (Survey of the Coast of the United States, 1860)

Map of Wellfleet Bay Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary Trails  (MassAudubon, n.d.)

Map of Fox Island Marsh Conservation Area  (Town of Wellfleet & Wellfleet Conservation Trust, n.d.)

Maps of Box Turtle Woods & Bayberry Hill Conservation Areas  (Town of Wellfleet & Wellfleet Conservation Trust, n.d.)

Massachusetts GIS Online Mapping (numerous orthophotographic, topographic, resource, wetland, habitat, ACEC, Title V setback, water supply protection area, etc., maps; select type of map, then select town, and use tools on right of viewer)

Map “Historic Preservation and Community Character“, Cape Cod Commission (2003) (includes eight Wellfleet sites on National Register)

Map of Cape Cod “Green” Sites, Cape Cod Go Green (cigogreen.org)

Articles & Studies

Ponds Management Plan“, Natural Resources Advisory Board, Town of Wellfleet (2011)

Cape Cod: Land Cover and Ecology“, Woods Hole Research Center (critical habitats, population & land cover, protected lands & contaminants)

Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan“, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, & Cape Cod Commission (2002)

Endless Summer: Managing Character in Coastal Communities“, CCNS, UMass, et al. (2004)

People and Places on the Outer Cape: A Landscape Character Study“, CCNS, UMass, et al. (2004)

CCNS Long-Term Ecosystem Monitoring Program
, CCNS (includes selected analytical reports)

“Pond and Lake Ecology“, M. Galvin, CCNS (2008)

“Potential Changes in Ground-Water Flow and their Effects on the Ecology and Water Resources of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts” - USGS Report by John P. Masterson and John W. Portnoy

“Wellfleet Harbor Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)”, MassWildlife (2003)

Coastal Vulnerability Assessment of Cape Cod National Seashore to Sea-Level Rise“, Hammar-Klose et al., USGS (2003)

“From Land to Sea: The Application of Land Protection Tools to the Marine Environment”, M. Portman (2007) (analysis of effectiveness of CCNS regulation of municipal zoning; CCNS overlapping jurisdictional model’s applicability to proposed Red Sea Marine Peace Park)

Report on the History of Cape Cod, Massachusetts“, Barnes, NPS (1958)

MHC Reconnaisance Survey Town Report: Wellfleet”, Massachusetts Historical Commission (1984) (descriptions of architecture of houses and buildings in Wellfleet from Colonial to Early Modern periods)

Cape Cod Houses Recorded by the Historic American Buildings Survey“, Library of Congress (includes 13 Wellfleet houses)

CCNS Modern Architecture“, William Burke, Cape Cod National Seashore (n.d.)

Water Quality, Household Hazardous Products, & Recycling Fact Sheets, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension

Other Documents & Materials

CCNS 2009 “Environmental Commitment Statement” (March 27, 2009)

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