Residential Zoning Amendments for Town R-1 & R-2 Zones Defeated at Annual Town Meeting

At the Wellfleet Annual Town Meeting on April 25, 2011, proposed zoning bylaw amendments to limit the size of houses in non-CCNS residential zones R-1 and R-2 were defeated, failing to gain the needed two-thirds vote. The proposed amendments were prepared by the Planning Board after extensive analysis and public hearing process, and had the approval of the Board of Selectmen.

The proposed amendments would have limited the gross floor area of houses in relation to their lot sizes, based on a study of existing housess, to keep house expansions roughly in line with existing houses.

Related proposed amendments to change the terminology of previously passed Seashore District zoning amendments from “site coverage” to “gross floor area” were referred back to the Planning Board.

See the 2011 Annual Town Meeting Minutes, pp. 23-29.

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