Wind Turbine Debate Heats Up

Vandals have removed stakes from the site of the proposed White Crest Beach wind turbine, the Wellfleet Energy Committee vice-chair has resigned, and project opponents have voiced vehement objections to the CCNS as well as to the Town.  See “Wellfleet Wind Turbine Plan Hits Turbulence“, K.L. Lum, Wicked Local: Wellfleet, January 15, 2010.

Wellfleet Energy Committee member Geof Karlson has described “attempts to intimidate Wellfleet voters, selectmen, town volunteers, and even National Seashore staff, into repudiating this project”.  “Ugly Tone Besets Wellfleet Project“, Cape Cod Times, January 20, 2010.

The turbine project opponents’ website is

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  1. venturen Says:

    I am involved with saveourseashore and I am mystified why we would vandalize stakes that we were unaware that were there. Mr Karlson does protest just a little to much. Sure we are against building a 400 foot tower in the middle of largest wooded area in Wellfleet and the National Seashore. A place where people hike, hunt, and ride Since the beginning our questions go unanswered from the WEC. Could it be there is an ugly tone from the WEC? We question the WEC’s attempt to be the first in the Nation to build a 400 foot tower(6 1/2 times higher that the ranger fire tower) in a NATIONAL PARK. We have asked very relevant questions which go unanswered while public documents are held out of sight for months. Freedom of Information requests have had to be filed! Does that sound like an open process? We even attended meeting that they went to executive session to avoid answering questions…which is illegal and again not very “OPEN”. I would very much like to make this debate about the merits. Things like why estimates of electricity are 30% higher than real world and what will happen when this project loses money. Or how other projects have had to make payment and even buy houses up to a mile away. Again impacting the money making ability of this project. Or why every other town in the area has stopped their turbine projects. Read about Vinalhaven a small island where they have erected turbines, setting towns people against each other and people abandoning their homes.

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