Wellfleet B&B Owner, Writer Laments McMansion Trend

In her blog article “A Short Summary of Building in Wellfleet“, Wellfleet writer and year-round B&B owner Alexandra Grabbe laments:

“Times have changed again and more property is up for sale, including some of the original summer cottages.  The term “tear down” has crashed into our vocabulary, as has “McMansion.”  With the construction of these mega houses, Cape Cod will change forever….

“The change will destroy the very quality that attracts people from all over the world.  The McMansion craze has reached such proportions that the town and the National Seashore are joining forces to oppose a house on a dune across from the Herring River Dike.  The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on the subject will take place tonight [June 26, 2008].  The McMansion in question is a large, sprawling edifice that will replace the torn down “Billboard House” and sully the incredible view of National Seashore wilderness, precious to Wellfleetians.”

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